CHOi Research Process

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defining the context

The foundation for any great design is intelligent and insightful research, a capability that we at CHOi Design are proud to offer to our prospective and current clients. We explore the marketplace hunting for important bits of qualitative and quantitative data, and are able to extract key information, themes, and user patterns to distill design related insight to guide our ideation. We are able to help our clients understand and define their goals in the marketplace so that every design is a targeted solution to user and market needs.


Process Overview

CHOi research process summarized with 4 icons representing gather raw data, understand the user, form data patterns and identify opportunities
Icon representing gather raw data

gather raw data


When kick-starting our research process, we begin by gathering data from publications, databases, online retailers and articles. We dig for consumer purchasing habits, trends, feedback, and any specific details relating to other products on the market. We use this data to generate a comprehensive market overview to identify consumer preferences in order to help design the most desired product possible.

example of a global culture analysis

Our data collection extends beyond our own borders; we gather relevant data in other regions across the world using international websites and consumer statistics.

We also perform global consumer surveys that allow us to ask questions and receive direct input from users in many countries, which is used to develop a comprehensive understanding of regional cultures and behaviors.

Icon representing understand the user

understand the user

Product testing begins with unboxing and assembly studies. CHOi Design works with the client to determine the most appropriate models to be studied based on client needs and goals, and product popularity. Unboxing allows us to explore packaging, organization, and initial consumer impressions. Assembly studies give us firsthand knowledge of current market part strategy, material usage, and manufacturing techniques.

power washer unboxing and assembly

To understand the customer base, we have to become the user ourselves. Usability testing includes understanding the purchasing experience, unboxing and assembly experiences. Throughout this process, videos are generated and made available to the client so that they are able to follow and gain an understanding of the market along with our design team.

research pattern icon

form data patterns

Preliminary documentation is prepared so that the design team can begin to see the raw data being grouped and analyzed. All data is broken down and sorted so that common elements emerge.

power washer assembly and feature evaluation

power washer assembly and feature evaluation

example of a competitor product evaluation

Group discussion and presentation of the foundational research process is the most critical step toward analysis of the research. The entire CHOi team gathers to share information, ideas, and discoveries. All data is gathered and organized into one space so that team members can record ideas that develop.

designers discussing product design research in an office

designers discussing product design research in an office

Icon representing identify opportunities

identify opportunities

All information is organized and presented to the client to be used as an aid in making decisions throughout the design process. Our insights are developed from the intensive, hands-on approach of our research, and we work to develop these into overall goals and opportunities for our designers and clients to explore. The end result - a blueprint for the design of a successful product.

example of a product design recommendations presentation