In 1994, in the suburbs of Mount Prospect, IL, Charles Choi founded CHOi Design. The firm’s first product designs were for Weber and Baxter Healthcare; the success of these products leading to lasting client relationships and company growth. Now in the heart of the West Loop, CHOi Design continues to design products that solidify the company as a leading industrial design firm for commercial, consumer, and medical based clients.

 CHOi Designers sketching in the office studio
 CHOi Design’s logo and client list mounted on the office’s entry wall
 text that says, “We look for new inspiration everyday”
 Designer pinning image on inspiration wall at CHOi Design
 Man grilling ribs on a Weber smoker
 Colorful 3D printed toy animals sitting on a designer’s desk
 text that says, “Designers fueled by ambition, innovation and plenty of great barbecue”
fiesta friday 002.jpg
 Male designer sketching steam irons on a whiteboard with a black marker
 Outside, worms eye view of the CHOi Design’s office building
 Over shoulder view of CHOi Designer working on Vantage Panoramic X-ray CAD on computer
 prismacolor markers and colored pencils resting in a CHOi Design coffee mug and on the desk
 Stack of sketches of the Vantage Panoramic X-ray
 man playing pool at CHOi Design
 Text that says, “Individually we are pretty cool. Together we are awesome”
 Four designers pose one in front of the other with their heads staggered
 Man playing ping pong with a product inspiration board on the wall behind him
 text that says, “We take hand- eye coordination seriously”
 Two male designers sketching in a design studio