Yili Electric

Breaking into new markets with two rugged, electric power washers

In a market oversaturated with copycat designs, Yili was looking to introduce something different: compact, powerful electric power washers.
CDG helped guide Yili’s entrance into the Latin American market by creating two designs that are as rugged as they are portable. With distinctive forms that prioritize sturdy metal parts over plastic, these machines are packed with thoughtful details and and a custom look that separates Yili from the rest of the pack.
Yili Electric
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Scoping out the competition

We tested commonly purchased power washers to evaluate current user experiences. A pattern began to emerge: the power washers were not only bulky and awkward to store, but cumbersome to move. This insight formed the basis of our design objectives: portability and compactness are key to creating a better user experience.


Sketching dynamic forms with thoughtful details

Electric power washers are often not understood to be as powerful as gas options. We wanted to communicate the performance of these machines, so when we put pen to paper, we knew we needed to define a robust, energetic form language.

We focused on highlighting the metal structure of the designs with color while considering an incredibly diverse array of cart configurations and part strategies.


Distinctive designs with thoughtful details

The result is two units that are efficient on space, intuitive, and stand out with a completely custom look. CDG supported Yili all the way to the factory, helping them successfully bring these designs to market.

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