Waste Management System

Optimizing Waste Management System

Our Approach

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The Waste Management System Collection was developed as a modular platform with a premium aesthetic for high traffic areas such as airports, stadiums, and campuses. With features such as stainless steel and cast aluminum body construction and interchangeable lids, these receptacles are the perfect fit for all areas in need of a modern trash disposal solution. This new receptacle streamlines waste collection to keep public spaces clean while creating a contemporary environment.

render of 2 modular Waste Receptacles

render of 2 modular Waste Receptacles

render of an extruded panel for a Waste Receptacle body
Illustration of Waste Receptacle liner removal

Illustration of Waste Receptacle liner removal


Removable Liners

A locking, recessed pocket handle opens two large stainless steel doors for removing and replacing the two or three rigid plastic liners. Perforated holes located on the back of the bottom shelf provide ventilation and prevent any leakage from collecting inside.


render of the interchangeable lids for the Echelon Waste Receptacle Collection


Interchangeable Lids

The interchangeable lids feed into the liners, allowing for two or three stream openings with a variety of cutouts for different disposable items. Airports or stadiums that require frequent maintenance and bag replacement might prefer to have three openings with a combination of trash and recyclable options, whereas parks or campuses might be better fit for a two stream option with a higher capacity and less maintenance required.

Icons representing paper, bottles and cans, and trash
an Echelon Waste Receptacle in an airport lobby
three Waste Receptacles in different colors and modular configurations

The large flat body panels are ideal for painting or placing decals to fit the unique aesthetic of specific venues, while the side cast extrusions provide a rigid support to bolt on accessories such as a canopy for outdoor environments.