Skil Power Tools

Our Approach

brand strategy


product design


Skil challenged CHOi Design to create a next generation visual brand language for two of their most successful products: the circular saw and power drill. Through in-store visits and comprehensive product benchmarking, we identified key touchpoints for integrating design elements that emote extreme durability and control at the hand of the user. With special attention to body geometry and the material and color treatments, the final designs ensure brand recognition while communicating the tools’ harnessed strength and ruggedness.


Our biggest hurdle was creating a unique and attention grabbing aesthetic to stand out in an already crowded marketplace, where similarly sized and styled tools were cluttering every inch of shelf space.


Gathering insight from similarly bold products and work environments, we were able to create a VBL defined by crisp edges, and a proud metallic SKIL logo adorning the side of each product. Geometric lines are angled to create a sense of forward momentum, while the ergonomic handles are defined by angled grip blocks with bold grip patterns. The final outcome is a refined tool capable of handling even the most rugged work environments.