Taylor Gourmet Thermometers

Thermometers are Hot

Our Approach


product design

user interface

Taylor Precision Products has been an industry leader in innovative home products for over 150 years. They pride themselves at being at the top of the thermometer market so they needed their new line to reflect their dominant status. We focused the brand language around large arced edges to give the products better functionality while maintaining a slender physique. The new form shows off high quality stainless while keeping construction simple and the designs eloquent.

front and side view render of the Taylor Gourmet Digital Thermometer

We designed the front of the instant thermometer to be simple, clean, and easy to use. The smoked glass conceals a seven segment display that shines through when reading the temperature.

sketch of a Taylor Gourmet Thermometer

small sketch, big vision

In contrast to the round thermometers flooding the market, we went with a rectangular shape to increase handling space. To balance the wider form, smooth arced surfaces and rounded corners enhance a more slender profile.

five graphic layout concepts for the Taylor Gourmet Thermometer with the final design shown on the face of the thermometer

form and function

We explored a number of graphic layouts to find the one that complimented the brand language and increased functionality. The bold, red graphics make reading easier while playful icons inform the user to the products use.


The sleek, elegant contours of the Taylor Gourmet Thermometers are a stark contrast to the simple, round designs found in the marketplace. The combination of premium materials, ergonomic form, and simple to read graphics lends to a new product line with a better user experience.