SPX Genfare Farebox

Revolutionizing Public Transportation Payments

Our Approach

brand strategy


product design

model making

user interface


In light of evolving pay fare technology, SPX wanted a revolutionary product to stand out on the market. The Fast Fare Farebox is a new collection system created to streamline the payment and boarding process on public transportation. The innovative bar code reader and integrated online fare system work together to allow customers to use mobile ticketing with smart technology for the first time.

versatile payment options in a simple interface

Bus Fare Modernized

the Fast Fare Revolutionary Farebox works by using a web based payment system, mobile ticketing, then the fast fare or fare-e device on a bus


Interaction Points

The user interface is clearly indicated with LED lights and maximizes the use of icons in order to minimize the amount of text. The innovative new design improves passenger interface and ease of maintenance while providing a modern, state of the art fleet.

Icons for cash, epass, credit and swipe represent the four payment options for the Fast Fare Revolutionary Farebox
colored circles highlight where payment is accepted on the Fast Fare Revolutionary Farebox
women using Fast Fare Revolutionary Farebox on bus
man boarding a public bus in chicago

Understanding the User

The user interface was designed to be as convenient and intuitive as possible. The entire interface and large digital screen are tilted forward so any passenger regardless of height or physical disability can have an easy viewing angle.

bank ATM interface

Currency Collection Products

We explored other currency collection systems to investigate how to improve on interface layout. Many previous farebox systems had issues with bills and coins becoming clogged due to their inserts being too close in proximity to each other on the interface.

boxes arranged in two different formations as volume studies for the Fast Fare Farebox

Volume Studies

CHOi Design built box studies of existing and fixed internal components to assess the most efficient internal structure for the Fast Fare's concept development. The volume studies determined the overall exterior space and placement of new features.

six enclosure concepts for the Genfare Fast Fare Farebox

Enclosure Ideation

Previous machines also had issues with placement on public transportation systems due to their large footprints and interference with the varying locations of passenger handrails. Some lids would not open all of the way for maintenance due to this interference, and the entire farebox would have to be deconstructed in order to perform simple routine fixes. To streamline this process, an entirely new construction was developed.

Genfare Fast Fare Farebox working prototype
Genfare Fast Fare Farebox working prototype
Genfare Fast Fare Farebox working prototype


Working prototypes were constructed to ensure that all internal components would fit securely within the outer shroud and to test new technologies, such as touch screen interface, illuminated touch points, and a barcode reader for smart phones. This helped guarantee a minimized processing time and faster loading for passengers onto the public transportation system. 

detailed close up and top view of Genfare's Fast Fare Revolutionary Farebox

Fast Fare-e Reader

Touch Points

Additionally, the Fast Fare-e reader was developed as a supplemental product that addresses the advances in electronic fare media and payment management. This reader seamlessly integrates with the Fast Fare Farebox as well as mobile and web-based platforms.

Icons for epass, credit and swipe represent the three payment options for the Fast Fare-e Reader
colored circles highlight where payment is accepted on the Fast Fare-e Reader
detailed front view of Genfare's Fast Fare-e Reader