Sprinka Water Control System

A Smart Watering Experience

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Reduce your impact on the environment while letting your lawn and garden flourish by using Sprinka. Did you know that up to 70% of outdoor residential water is wasted due to over-watering landscapes? Traditional irrigation controllers are hard to set up, difficult to maintain and operate, and cannot accurately measure your water usage. The Sprinka watering system will identify issues with your water consumption and provide feedback and scheduling recommendations for improving your sprinkler watering habits. 


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Sprinka Water Control System- all screen
Sprinka Water Control System_home screen


Improve your landscape appearance and health using the Sprinka home watering application. Use the home feature to get a quick glance at your overall water consumption, schedule, and local weather outlook.



Track your watering history and adjust your watering schedule based on date, time, and duration. An alarm notification will appear on the home page to alert the user to alter their schedule based on climate or weather changes.

Sprinka Water Control System_schedule screen
Sprinka Water Control System_my garden screen

My Garden

Set your watering schedule based on the different plantings in each zone, organized by name, photo, and time. Use the advanced setting to water based on the daily evapotranspiration losses, automatically set water duration and date to generate an optimized watering plan just for your yard.



View watering usage reports by week, month and year. See how your watering data compares with your neighbors, and get feedback on how to improve your efficiency. 

Sprinka Water Control System_ usage screen
Sprinka Water Control System_in environment