Sperry Electrical Tools

Our Approach


product design

model making


Sperry Instruments, fresh off of their recent acquisition of Gardner Bender, wished to enhance their existing product lineup by creating a new series of tools incorporating premium materials and a unified aesthetic and brand identify. With over 20 unique designs, Sperry’s bold and dependable new product offerings are able to tackle even the most challenging electrical tool needs.

sperry electrician tools lineup

Ideation and Creation

Working diligently with the GB/Sperry team, our designers were able to generate concepts that fulfilled the needs of both the professional and DIY consumers. Intuitive operation, grip ergonomics, and common core design elements were key considerations in each product’s refinement. With bold yellow interfaces framed with black soft touch grips, each tool is easy to locate and manipulate in both bright and dimly lit environments.

Rugged, distinctive and durable, the new visual brand language further enhances Sperry Instruments’ 40 year reputation as a go to source for quality precision products.