Professional Ultrasound

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Our Approach

product design

user interface

The Professional Medical Ultrasound is a concept design study created with the purpose of exploring the most effective arrangement of features and technology for a new ultrasound system. This ultrasound addresses the need to reduce the footprint for existing models using a vertical configuration with a waterfall-like front surface that conceals the shrouded CPU in the rear.

front and back perspective views of the Professional Ultrasound concept design

The loose original concept called for a layered design element that accentuated user touch points and features while concealing the CPU housing and other clutter-causing attributes.

angled and side view sketch of the Professional Ultrasound concept
female patient getting an ultrasound

The ultrasound system uses LED strip lighting to accentuate important controls, ports, and interface surfaces, perfect for use in patient rooms when lights are turned off.

detailed view of the Professional Ultrasound’s base, wheels and blue LED light strip
detailed view of the Professional Ultrasound’s adjustable screen arm

With improved technologies and maneuverability, the Professional Ultrasound is ready to deliver precise clinical results by using the latest technological advancements and providing a cost-effective solution for a reduced footprint.

detailed view of the Professional Ultrasound’s soft blue lighting in a dark room

Consideration of design elements like soft lighting and smooth, waterfall styling create enhanced patient comfort in any lighting conditions and improve the ultrasound experience.

top view of the Professional Ultrasound’s large, arced screen