NuWave Countertop Oven

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It was CHOi Design's development of the Hearthware NuWave Oven, with it's "As Seen On TV" claim to fame, that drove it to become the world’s best-selling counter-top oven! Having already established their infrared cooking system in Asia, Hearthware approached our team with an opportunity to create a design that would bring this new product to the American market, and to the American palate. Investigation and research helped to identify differences in the way the Asian and North American consumers would use their infrared cooking systems. This allowed us to perfectly tailor our final design to the new market, while maintaining a compact and cost effective solution. 

circulating arrow highlighting the NuWave oven's high visibility 360 degree enclosure
icons for conduction, convection and infrared heat

Three unique types of heating method are used to cook food quickly and evenly. Integrated into the design is a high visibility 360 degree enclosure with easy access to check on food, providing users the best cooking experience possible.

cooked rotisserie chicken sitting in a NuWave oven with lid open


colored circles highlight 4 features of the NuWave oven

NuWave Mini

With the success of the original NuWave Oven, CHOi Design helped develop the NuWave Mini. The Mini boasts the same great features of the original oven, but with the added bonus of being compact and easily portable.