Juvo Comfort Series Bath Safety Products

Our Approach

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product design


CHOi Design partnered with Juvo to launch the newest line of ergonomically designed bath and shower products for users with limited mobility. As the newest addition to Juvo’s award-winning line of adaptive bath products, it focuses on providing maximum safety and allows for dynamic movement.


With legs that adjust between 14” - 21” in length, the chairs fit a variety of bath and shower products while also providing the perfect height setting to maximize user comfort.


The “Infinity Handle” allows the user to grip any outer surface of the chair for leverage and support, perfect for users with mobility restraints or limited strength.


Twist-tight fasteners allow for quick, intuitive, and tools-free assembly. The removable pads provide a comfortable non-slip surface for the user, and allow for easy cleaning of the chair.


The varied shape allows users to choose the chair best suited for their own body positioning needs. Available in stool, chair, and transfer bench configurations.