Flexco Belt Lacer

Our Approach

brand strategy


product design


Mining is a demanding job which requires tools that can withstand abuse and perform efficiently in extreme working conditions. Flexco, an industry leader in belt conveyor productivity manufacturing, wanted to update their line of portable belt fastening tools with an improved look and user experience. The resulting product uses a fresh, unified visual brand language to stand out in a market of indistinguishable products while also addressing functional considerations to reduce weight and keep out debris.

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The fastening system, which has manual levers that force staples through the belt, requires three rotating workers to prevent injury and fatigue. Our design process included gaining empathy for current difficulties and discovering opportunities for improvement; in both ease of use and worker safety.


The new design has superior ergonomics. The more robust handle includes reinforced plastic to make transporting more comfortable and increase the footprint of the workers grip. The updated lever utilizes a softer touch material to improve traction, while it’s shape provides better leverage and therefore less strain for the workers.