Drive Digital Torque Wrench

Our Approach

brand strategy

product design

Brownline Metal Works came to CHOi to collaborate on a design for their newly patented electronic torque sensing mechanism. They had the technology, but needed to package it in a way that would showcase the precision and ruggedness that it was engineered for. Brownline required a tool that could survive in a shop environment while maintaining the sleek and elegant aesthetic that would allow it to compete in the growing marketplace of digital torque wrenches.

two Brown Line Digital Torque Wrenches stacked on eachother

Together, we created a modern, durable housing with a comfortable grip and an easy-to-read display with audible and visible feedback — all essential components in increasing productivity and longevity.

location of target torque buzzer, digital display and torque level indicator called out on a Brown Line Digital Torque Wrench rendering
front and side view of the Brown Line Digital Torque Wrench
Brown Line Digital Torque Wrench resting on ledge of toolbox