Digital Beam Scale

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In partnership with NCIT, CHOi Design developed a new and unique line of medical scales for the US and Asian Markets. The goal was to establish a unique and recognizable professional brand identity that would visually unify the products’ aesthetics. The similar screens, faceplates, and curved design elements create a bold and cohesive lineup, distinguishing the NCI Technology from its competitors. Contrasting materials and finishes add to appealing design, while also supporting the intuitive operation.

high quality render of the NCIT Digital Medical Scales lineup

it all started here

With the digital beam scale as their flag ship product, this sketch was the starting point that created the entire brand language. 
The bold and modern split yoke design is perfect complement to the half-moon interface, which is carried throughout the rest of the products.

sketch of the NCIT Digital Beam Scale
High quality render of the NCIT Digital Infant Scale

The infant scale’s intuitive design focuses around the central scallop shape that forms a cradle to hold the infant. This surface flows into a seamless frame that can be easily cleaned and is consistent with the family brand language.

High quality render of the NCIT Digital Hand Rail Scale

The hand rail scale exemplifies a perfect blend of form and function. The sturdy aluminum side rails extend outward, providing the patient with a secure hold for stability, then seamlessly transition back into the frame.


Designed to blend into a physician’s office, the remote scale embodies the same brand language, but with a smaller footprint. With the ability to mount on any surface, in any space, the value of this product is truly in its versatility.

High quality render of the NCIT Digital Remote Scale
High quality render of the NCIT Digital Wheelchair Scale

Reducing the footprint was the main focus when designing the wheelchair scale. With a base that folds up to fit between the extruded L shaped frame, the footprint becomes less than a foot deep, which is smaller than any existing scales on the market. When the base is folded, bottom mounted casters are exposed, making the scale easy to move around hospital rooms and corridors. The compact size does not detract from the products structural integrity and usability. The scale can accommodate heavier patients and a wide range of wheelchair sizes, while the screen is strategically placed to be accessible at many heights.